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LaMed Pharma                                                                   

LaMed Pharma is a Services and Consulting Company for the Bio-pharmaceutical industry, founded in 2017 by three Senior Executives Francesco Lami, Michele Garufi, and Franco Merckling.

LaMed is dedicated to assist Bio-pharmaceutical companies in managing their Internationalization Process through Licensing In and Out, External Financing, and M&A Activities.

Headquartered in Milan (Italy), LaMed creates value for its international customers by turning industry know how & network, managerial and technology capabilities into an effective and efficient deal making platform.

The LaMed Team offers several decades of international Bio-pharmaceutical Industry experience covering topics like Leadership, Strategy & Management, Business Development & Licensing as well as strategic transactions such as Merger and Acquisitions and various types of Financings.

Thanks to a worldwide professional network spanning from USA to Japan through Europe, Africa and Asia, LaMed can meet virtually any request or need of its Clients.

JRG Ventures, LLC                                                                   

JRG Ventures, LLC is a multinational retained business development and growth strategy firm specializing in Life Sciences, Healthcare IT, and novel corporate Information Technology. JRG’s client portfolio encompasses start-up ventures to multinational corporations. We offer our clients an extensive list of services with a focus on identifying, targeting and closing growth opportunities.

The Shoreham Group, LLC                                              

New York based Shoreham Group is a leading investor relations firm exclusively serving the life sciences industry. The Shoreham Group provides companies in the life sciences sector with access to the US and International institutional investment community.

Commodore Advisory Partners, LLC                          

Commodore Advisory Partners LLC ("Commodore") was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing focused, personalized advisory and investment banking services.  Our primary clients are owners of private businesses, executives, entrepreneurs and boards of directors of small capitalization public companies. 

The firm was founded by Paul J. Huffman, III, an experienced investment banker with over 18 years of experience with both large international investment banks and boutique middle market firms. 

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